Project Description

Symposium on The Rights
Indigenous Peoples of The Americas

This memory book—or memoria—describes the cultural dialogues between California Native Americans and indigenous Mexicans living in the Central Valley. Participating communities include indigenous Mexicans (Mixtecs, P’urhepechas, Otomi, Yaqui, and others), along with Native Americans (Mono, Wukchumni, Chumash, and others).

The book celebrates the resistance of indigenous peoples against a long history of oppression and dominance by colonizers. Indigenous peoples have endured over 500 years of colonization and yet there is evidence of many thriving communities, cultures and traditions throughout the Americas.

This memoria documents the dialogues and conversations that took place at a symposium held in the summer of 2004. Key topic areas discussed include Culture and Development, Territory and Mobility, with an emphasis on the need to promote active citizenship, cultural understanding and further collaboration.

  • Printing Press Logic in conjunction with PVI-AFSC
  • October 2005
  • Booklet
  • 160
  • English and Spanish