Mina Abdollahian, Metrics
Mina Abdollahian, Metrics Librarian at Fresno County Public Library
Mina Abdollahian, born in Teheran, Iran, came to America to enroll in the master’s program at Simmons University in Boston. During grad school, she married a fellow Iranian and the couple returned to their homeland following graduation, where Abdollahian went to work as an academic librarian at Sharif University in Teheran. In 1985, the couple immigrated to America with their son, and Abdollahian promised her parents when she left Iran that she would keep her native culture alive for her son. Through her work as a public librarian, she introduced cultural programs to libraries and schools, and developed the Persian Collection for the public libraries in San Mateo and Fresno counties.
A believer in social justice and equal rights for all, Abdollahian was a founder and active member of the Iranian Art and Cultural Club of Fresno. In 2008, she joined the Pan Valley Institute’s Program Committee to get involved with supporting the Central Valley’s immigrant and refugee communities. Additionally, she is active with REFORMA Del Valle, which promotes public libraries and books to Latinx communities.